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To ensure a successful gaming experience, many bettors experiment with the use of strategies. Our team of experts has analyzed the gameplay in Fortune Tiger Game and is ready to provide you with the best recommendations and honest reviews about Fortune Tiger Strategy. Our review is based on honest real experience and is useful for both beginners and experienced players.

General Understanding of Fortune Tiger

Before you learn about Fortune Tiger game tricks, you need to study the mechanics and main characteristics of the slot machine.

Type of gameSlot
Number of reels3 reels
Maximum payoutx2500
Bonus roundsYes

Below you will find even more useful Fortune Tiger playing tips that we have prepared based on our experience. Through trial and error, we found that there are no perfect strategies, but the probability of winning can be increased.

How to Win in Fortune Tiger Game: Symbols and their Meanings

How to Play Fortune Tiger? The slot machine has 6 main symbols and one bonus Wild symbol. We suggest you study the cost of each character in more detail.

Fortune Tiger SymbolsDescriptionMultiplier
Wild symbolA Golden Tiger substitutes for other symbols. It can replace any other symbol on the playing field.х250
Gold SyceeRepresented by Golden Shekel. This is the most valuable symbol in the game and appears quite rarely.х100
Green OrnamentPresented in the form of a green ornament with golden elements. This character belongs to the medium value symbols. х25
Coin PotLooks like a big bag of gold coins. Another character with an average cost and an average frequency of appearance on the reels.х10
Coin BagLooks like three small red coin bags. The symbol will not bring big payouts, but it can bring good payouts in the bonus game.х8
BellsPresented as small bluebells. Belongs to the category of symbols with low value.х5
OrangePresented as an orange. This symbol has the lowest value in the game.х3

Depending on the value of the symbols, they will appear more often or less often on the playing field. Since Fortune Tiger is medium game volatility, you will be rewarded with mostly small but frequent payouts. Please note that it is not possible to use the Fortune Tiger game hack to tweak the drop of the symbol you want.

Progressive Jackpots and Their Meanings

Fortune Tiger belongs to the category of progressive jackpot slots. It is interesting to learn about the top Fortune Tiger casino game strategy that will bring you closer to this huge win. In this case, the maximum multiplier will be x2500. If the player is lucky and the entire playing field is filled with winning combinations, then the entire amount of multipliers will additionally increase by 10 times. For example, in the first horizontal line you have three Green Ornaments, in the second line three Coin Pots, and in the third three Coin Bags. If you bet $10. Then your winnings cash will be 10*25+10*10+10*8 = $430. However, since you hit the jackpot, the amount will be multiplied by 10 times and will be $4,300. The maximum multiplier will be available if the entire playing field is filled with Wild symbols.

Starting Strategies for Game Fortune Tiger

There are strategies that are suitable for novice players with no experience. Such recommendations include the use of bonuses or the optimization of bets in accordance with the budget of the bettor.

Choosing Bets

The right choice of bets is one of the most important factors for a successful gaming process. For novice players, it is best to start with lower stakes. The betting range in Fortune Tiger varies from $0.20 to $100. Divide your deposit by at least 15 bets and start spinning the reels.

Using Bonuses and Promotions

Modern online casinos provide bonuses for registration or for replenishing the first deposit. This bonus money can be used to wager on Fortune Tiger. In addition, free spins are often provided. carefully study the rules for using the bonus. For example, at Pin-Up Fortune Tiger you can get a 100% bonus on your first deposit and 125 free spin.

Advanced Strategies for Playing Fortune Tiger

More experienced players can apply complex strategies and learn how the online slot works. These can be mathematical strategies for increasing rates or other mechanisms, such as Martingale, Labouchere, High Risk  game strategy, and so on.

Playing for the Progressive Jackpot

The game has a progressive jackpot, but it is impossible to adjust it. The mobile game is based on the Random Number Generator and the loss of one or another symbol does not depend on the player. Experienced bettors invest more money, which they divide into hundreds of spins and wait until the entire screen is filled with winning combinations.

Understanding Volatility and How It Affects Your Playing Strategy

The mobile version of Fortune Tiger is a medium volatility slot machine. Slot fans understand how these slots work. This indicates frequent but insignificant gains. Therefore, it is better to make several bets for a smaller amount than to try to catch a big prize and lose your bet.

Understanding of the Rules, RTP and RNG in Fortune Tiger

When playing this game, our team found that a high RTP of 96.81% indicates a high chance of winning. This means that on average, out of 100 dollars wagered, the bettor returns 96.81 dollars. Please note that the provider uses Provable Fairness Technology (Random Number Generator). This indicates the complete safety of the gaming process.

Fortune Tiger Strategy
Pin-Up Fortune Tiger
Pin-Up Fortune Tiger

Playing Professional Tips From Fortune Tiger

Based on our practical knowledge, we are ready to provide some advice:

  • Test the game in demo play mode.
  • Start the gaming process with the minimum bets.
  • Set limits on your game.
  • Carefully choosing a casino to play Fortune Tiger.
  • Take care of your emotional health.

These are the minimum guidelines that will make your safe gaming experience easy.

Controlling Your Game Budget While Playing Fortune Tiger

Gambling always carries the risk of addiction. So that this does not happen and the gameplay brings only pleasure, you need to properly follow betting management. Set monthly/weekly betting limits. Also, determine how much you are willing to spend on Fortune Tiger. Do not go beyond the established boundaries.

Managing Bets – the Fortune Tiger Game Rules

The game has no rules other than limits from $0.20 to $10. However, in order to win, it is important to spread your budget over at least 15 bets. If you choose a strategy, such as Martingale, then you must follow it. Gradually increase the rate as you experience.

A Healthy Approach to the Game: Responsibility and Self-control

If you follow the above rules, then there will be no risk to your emotional health. You don’t have to play in a bad mood or feel bad. Gambling always requires attention and concentration. If there are factors that affect your decision-making, then beware of them and better return to the game later.


As a result of playing the game, we found that the slot can bring frequent wins. We have described a few basic recommendations that are suitable for beginners and experienced bettors. Remember that responsible gambling and self-control are your best accomplices.


Is Fortune Tiger a good way to make money?

This is a game with an RTP of 96.81% and a max multiplier of x2500. You can earn a lot of money here.

What are the professional winning tips for playing Fortune Tiger?

The main advice is always about the self-control of the players and a responsible gambling attitude towards their money.

Does the size of my bet affect my chances of winning the progressive jackpot in Fortune Tiger?

Yes. The higher the bet size, the larger the prize, but this does not affect the probability of winning.